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Symbol: Vail 

Binance Smart Chain

Traded On Pancake Swap



Prevail Token is a publicly traded cryptocurrency, currently on the Binance Smart Chain and listed on Pancake Swap.  Prevail Token is a BNB rewards token with a starting supply of 10,000,000 tokens and a 10% buy and sales tax. 5% of that tax is rewarded back to holders in the form of BNB, 3% goes to LP and 2% goes to marketing.  

35% of all Profits from Prevail Shop go directly to Prevail Token, partnered projects, non-profits and affiliates.

Prevail Tokens contract has been audited and KYC services have been performed  by VitalBlock.  

Our Primary goal at Prevail Token is to ensure that our holders investments are secure, that our partnered tokens are generating revenue, and that Prevail Tokens growing and generating revenue.  We achieve this by making sure that we have a constant flow of external revenue and buy/sell volume with the use of our external utilities.  Prevail tokens utilities bring external revenue within the token to strengthen our liquidity pool and generate marketing funds to ensure we have the funds to properly grow and continuously develop. 

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